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"Out About Town" - August 2021

August 1st is the official opening of the West Lebanon Dog Park. It is located at the old well house on East Third Street. It is open to all residents of West Lebanon to use, just be sure to clean up after your dog.

We are working on a new web page for the Town and hoping to have it up and running in August. Also, will post on Facebook when it is done.

If you are having issues with people speeding or any other law enforcement problems, please call dispatch at 765-793-2449. They will get in touch with Dan and if he is not on duty, they can contact the county to respond. The Council asked me to remind people that the sides streets are all 20 MPH, High St/263 is 30 MPH and the section of West Third from Oak to the Town limits is 25 MPH. Remember our Town has children playing outside and the streets are not a race track.

As of September 2021, the monthly cost for trash service will be $15.50 per month. The new contract was signed at the July Council meeting.

ORDINANCE # 2020-0210 relating to tall grass and weed abatement states that grass and weeds can not be let to grow past 6 inches. Once the new web page is up and running the complete ordinance book will be available on it for you.

Events for the month of August:

8/9/2021 - Town Board meeting. 7PM at the Community Room

8/11/2021 - First day of school


If you have a WATER EMERGENCY after hours or on the weekend, call Rodney 765-769-6383 or Kevin 765-585-4567.

Trash service issues, call Bowlus Waste 765-585-5808.

Pick up is on Thursday have it out no later than 8am and 8 bags per week. NO Loose items will be picked up. Trash will run as normal the week of July 5th.


  • Helping Hands - Angela Stone 765-585-4568

  • Pike Township Trustee - Chrissy Best 765-893-4174

  • Salvation Army - Wednesday at the REMC Building - 15 Midway St, Williamsport. Call Amy Moore 765-585-5974

Council President

Marty Kutsenkow -

Council members

Jim Kiger - David Moody -

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